The Zen of Python kills my Zen

So I have not made it secret that I enjoy Python very much, for a very large number of reasons. To cite the two most important, it mixes beautifully the two needs of its age, even before the age even realised it was its needs: Python understands that it’s about programmer time and not computationLire la suite « The Zen of Python kills my Zen »

C++, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Weight

When you read and its cute, blue and yellow sidelines, its clear-cut and heavily commented functions and class definitions, when you pass by Crystal or Nim‘s simple yet demonstrative functionalities and syntax, or you delve into Dlang‘s beautiful red pages (with a good dose of Ye Olde Docs From Beyond the Century, sadly), comingLire la suite « C++, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Weight »

The™ Perfect™ Programming™ Language™

TPPL or T™P™P™L™, is a dream that many companies with too little user respect and too much greed have chased. Oracle and Java, later Microsoft and C#, have YAPL’d(yet another programming language) harder than a cat whose kittens are being taken from her. Apple and Objective C, Google and Kotlin, and I’m sure quite aLire la suite « The™ Perfect™ Programming™ Language™ »

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